The Medic Zero Project

Hi! Thanks for stopping by.  My name is Michael and I’m a paramedic.

What the heck is the Medic Zero Project? Great question! The Medic Zero Project is a site designed to answer questions you didn’t know you had until you started practicing. The target audience is the recently graduated paramedic and paramedic students….medic zero.  Medic zero? What that means to me is a provider who are early in their career and developing skills and knowledge (which should never stop). So many questions and no one to ask, I was in that exact same spot myself.

I remember graduating paramedic training and going to work for a large commercial agency. The clearing process was a little lacking as their main interest was getting an ALS provider out on the road to start earning. Good for them but not the best environment to develop competent providers.  So I started out as medic zero and spent most of the first year or so of my career in sort of this constant state of not really having any idea what was going on most of the time with my patients. Fumbling through calls and trying to figure it all out.

So here I am well into my career as a paramedic. Lots of trial and error, sometimes learning how not to do something, but always continually learning.


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